A person with shoulder length light brown hair and a large mustache. They are wearing a black turtle neck, sitting with their legs crossed they looked relaxed as they gaze directly forward.
Matt Halpenny is an interdisciplinary media artist from Montréal who works between the milieus of biology, society, and technology. Their work seeks to disrupt consolidated social, political, and biological ecologies while critiquing entangled materialities found within the creation process. Their previous work has manifested as using the body as a performative instrument, artificial networked organisms, technological-biological sculpture, and networked cognition performances. These artworks have been shown at Elektra, Le Centre Pompidou, ISEA, and Ars Electronica. Their work is often paired with theory through essays and research-creation methods which are inspired by systems theory, embodied cognition, emergent behaviour, multi-species organisms, and media ecologies. Before joining the Chair in Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality, they were previously a research member at Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture, & Technology, where they worked within the Speculative Life Biolab.


Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality