Alice Jarry Appointed Hexagram Co-Director

January 2024

The Hexagram Network team is changing with the arrival of Alice Jarry as co-director. By appointing as directors Sofian Audry (UQAM) and Alice Jarry (Concordia), two individuals who were involved as members during their studies, Hexagram is reaffirming its deep commitment to the next generation of research-creation artists.
The Hexagram Research-Creation Network is pleased to announce the appointment of Alice Jarry (PhD in Art Studies and Practices, UQAM) as co-director, representing Concordia University. She joins Sofian Audry (PhD in Humanities [Fine Arts], Concordia), who has been representing the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) since 2021. 

As the representative of Concordia, Alice Jarry succeeds both Christopher Salter (2014-2022) and Jonathan Lessard (interim, 2022-2023). This transition marks a significant change in the governance of the Network, both in substance and symbolism. It signifies the shift to a new generation of artist-researchers. Similar to Sofian Audry, Alice Jarry’s professional and academic career is closely intertwined with Hexagram’s development. By appointing former student members as co-directors, the Network reaffirms its deep commitment to nurturing the next generation of research-creation artists.
Hexagram is dedicated to forging and strengthening connections between artistic and scientific disciplines. The new co-directors are committed to fostering conditions conducive to the development of innovative creations and advancing new knowledge, driven by socio-environmental concerns and the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Sofian Audry and Alice Jarry aim to sustain active collaborations within the network while undertaking research-creation related to critical issues, taking into account both human and more-than-human perspectives: exploring new materialities, addressing ecological challenges, examining the performativity of living organisms and artificial agents.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality