Dr. Alice Jarry and her team work across three spaces: The Milieux Institute Speculative Life Biolab, the Topological Media Lab, and the Next Generation Cities Institute.
Seven humans with lab coats and gloves on gathered around a table starring at a frame in the middle of the table

The Speculative Life Biolab

Director: Alice Jarry

The Milieux Speculative Life BioLab is a hybrid research-creation laboratory for the development and facilitation of conceptual and material-based exploration around the changing status of life on the planet and technosphere from an interdisciplinary perspective. The laboratory currently hosts a Biosafety Level 1 certified wet lab for working with living and electronic media, hosting both wet and dry ‘maker’ processes and materials.

The Topological Media Lab

Co-directors: Alice Jarry, Michael Montanaro, David Morris

The Topological Media Lab [TML] approaches technologies research as a creative endeavour that cuts across disciplines and fields of experience. Its members investigate how people build, inhabit, use, sensate or activate space and matter. Studying processes of “agency and materiality from phenomenological, materialist, social and computational perspectives”, Topological Media Lab researchers work in the areas of the built environment, material-computational design within responsive environments, health, performance, music, and media arts.


An office with several desks, computer and rolling chairs.
A person holding a pen or pencil working at a drafting table.
The Next Generation Cities Institute

Co-directors: Ursula Eicker, Carmela Cucuzzela

Concordia launched the Next-Generation Cities Institute in 2020. The institute harnesses our full spectrum of next-generation cities’ research and uses a holistic approach to transform cities into sustainable, resilient and inclusive communities. It aims to create lasting and meaningful change in urban communities around the world.


Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality