Alice Jarry Appointed to the Board of International Journal  .able

September 15,  2021

.able is an image-based multi-platform journal at the intersection of art, design, and sciences.
.able offers in-depth studies by means of the visual essay in all its potential forms. A peer-reviewed international journal, .able is conceived for interdisciplinary teams developing innovative approaches to practice-based research. These teams are invited to produce image-based explorations, analyzing elements such as the forms, methods, processes, results, and instruments they collaboratively bring into play in their artistic and scientific research.

Whether films, animations, photographs, architectural renderings, storyboards, diagrams, photonovels, data visualizations, comic strips, or scientific documents, the aim of publishing these visual essays is to make a  lasting contribution to scholarly areas that are not served by traditional distribution channels.
As an image-based journal, the journal’s graphic design and the visual quality of its contributions are of central importance. With its focus on the visual, .able has the potential to reach a much wider audience than the circles of researchers already invested in the subject.

.able is a project initiated by the “Chaire arts & sciences” of École Polytechnique, École des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) – Paris Sciences & Lettres University (PSL) and the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso. It is developed by the Reflective Interaction Research Group of EnsadLab (research laboratory of EnsAD). 
Further information:

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality