Combing Art, Technology and Science to Improve Education at Centre Pompidou

November 12, 2020

Alice Jarry participates in a round table to discuss how the arts and sciences can be combined to deliver innovative education.
Colorful microscope pictures of cells
This event questions the links between practice and pedagogy of the arts, design and sciences.  Who are the actors of these unusual, experimental and horizontal configurations in principle? Creators, researchers, teachers, students? Hybrid, double or triple profiles?
What are the forms of their interactions? How is the emergence of new teaching formats taking place? At the cost of what  mistakes and imbalances?

Individuals Involved :

Roger Malina
Alice Jarry
Christelle Kirchstetter
Giancarlo Rizza
Antoine Desjardins
Téo Sanchez
Hervé de Saint Blancard
Alexandre Boiron
Julie Sauret
Further information:

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality