Concrete Capital: Public Projection in Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal

June 4,  2021

Thomas Heinrich along with the Shock Value Collective addressed the financialization of housing through public projections representing the financial mechanization of housing.
Saint Catherine Street in Montreal at night; the number "$700 000 000" is projected on a condominium sales office across the street. People are walking past and there are skyscrapers in the background.
Concrete Capital was a research and public art project that addressed the financialization of housing in Montreal – a process by which land and housing becomes increasingly controlled by financial entities such as banks and private equity firms. 
Housing today is governed and utilized as a financial mechanism – thus leading to the housing crisis. To highlight the research’s findings and to draw attention to this issue, a public projection was cast onto the façade of a major luxury condominium project in downtown Montreal.

Individuals Involved :

Thomas Heinrich
Christine White
Madelyn Capozzi
Gabriel Townsend Darriau

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality