ITTECOP/KHEOPS Seminars – Infrastructures et territoires : regards croisés France-Québec des acteurs de la recherche

June 15, 2021

Alice Jarry (Concordia University and KHEOPS) and Agnès Patuano (Wageningen University & Research and ITTECOP) draw on approaches in art, design, architecture and urban practice to examine the key role these fields can play in renewing the conception and experience of urban space through sustainability and inclusion.

Poster of the event
ITTECOP and KHEOPS join forces to present a series of webinars entitled ''Infrastructures et territoires: regards croisés France-Québec des acteurs de la recherche''. French-speaking researchers from the two continents will reflect on infrastructures, their effects on territories and how research is addressing them. In different social, environmental and legal contexts, how do scientists interact with the many players involved?
How are infrastructures and their effects on territories and the communities that live there approached? What fundamental knowledge or recommendations for action emerge from the work carried out? By bringing together research methods and practices from an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral perspective, ITTECOP and KHEOPS aim to question the work of researchers and share the issues and questions raised.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality