Janice Cheung participates in the exhibition Halfway up the flag in Hong Kong

April 2023

Student Janice Cheung will exhibit her work as part of the exhibition Halway up the flag in the city of Hong Kong.

"十," a Chinese character, can also be perceived as a symbol, embodying the passage of time. Having journeyed through three decades of life, these artists weave their creations to narrate the personal challenges they face within, touching upon the complexities of mental and physical well-being, family, career, and societal dynamics.  As thirty years unravel, numerous things have been buried, discarded, and lost. The exhibition serves as an homage to these bygone experiences and a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the artists' former selves. Through their creation, the artists find solace in the protective talismans of their past, guiding them along the path that lies ahead.
In this exhibition, six artists—Angela Yuen, Cheuk Wing Nam, Janice Cheung, Kwong Man Chun, Sim Chan, and Tung Wing Hong—find themselves intertwined through the shared experience of being in their 30s and expressing their creativity through new media art.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality