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Lindsey Weller is a skilled landscape designer with extensive professional experience. Lindsey has specialized in both academic and commercial research, and completed a bachelor in Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture.  Lindsey founded Love Every Leaf Landscape Design in Winnipeg, and began to curate her own native ground-cover seed blends as alternatives to typical high-maintenance grass lawns. Her practical experience in the field revealed flaws in the landscaping industry, which she found to be dominated by non-sustainable approaches and alien plant typologies which were a hindrance to the regenerative approach to her practice- her current research is a response to these challenges. Her research interests reside in the nature of plants themselves, exploring their agency in the urban landscape to understand and ultimately re-situate how people view, categorize, and shape the land in cities. Currently indigenous plants and land are falling victim to urban development and dated landscape design strategy. Lindsey is passionate about redefining the aesthetics of urban gardening at all scales, with the aim to educate on, promote and facilitate the widespread use of Indigenous plants in cities. 

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality