Person gazing directly forward with a subtle smile. They have dark brown long hair that falls behind their shoulders. They are wearing a subtly patterned white shirt, a silver necklace, and a black blazer.
Mahla Mohammad Nia is an urban designer, Landscape Architect, and Architect. Mahla received her B.Eng in Landscape Engineering and M.Sc in Urban Planning in Iran. Currently, she is a Master of Design student at Concordia University in the Department of Design and Computation Arts. She is interested in using 3D software, and discovering new techniques to develop her style as a designer. Currently her work is directed towards the use of community-oriented, and visual communication to create practical projects that improve the sustainability of the built environment and urban living.

She has taught for seven years in faculties of Art and Architecture as a university lecturer in Iran. Mahla has a diverse range of interests within the field of design including eco-design, socio-environmental design, urban communities, sustainability, climate justice, green spaces, materiality, recycling, aesthetics, and infrastructures.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality