Person with round thick classes with neck strings for their glasses. They have brown facial hair, both beard and mustache, and short brown hair. They are wearing a back long sleeve shirt, gazing directly forward with a slight smile.
Philippe Vandal works at the intersection of technological, ecological, and artistic preoccupations. His work bridges bio-inspired critical design, environmental chemistry, and site-specific tangible media interventions. He has been interested in prototyping and exploring small-scale devices as both scientific tools and sensitive frameworks for intervening, visualizing, remediating, and thinking with different local sites impacted by the mismanagement of landfill and construction waste, snow removal, and industrial leachates. Addressing issues of socio-environmental justice, his work seeks to align with critical landscape studies, waste and discard studies, and environmental realism to examine the practical, sociocultural and political capabilities and limits of remediation framework to engage with at-risk materials, sites, and communities. Philippe’s work has been presented at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA2020:What is Sentience?), VAV Gallery, Art Mûr, and collaborative work at Centre Pompidou, Ars Electronica, les Rencontres Hexagram, Ada X, and Mutek. Philippe is currently completing a BFA Major in Intermedia Cyber Arts.


Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality