Publication - Form taking/ force shaping in Antennae - 'Microbial Ecologies' issue #59

December  2022

The article  "Form taking/ force shaping" co-written by Alice Jarry, Marie-Pier Boucher, Samuel Bianchini, lee wilkins, Vanessa Mardirossian and Brice Ammar-Khodja has been published on the journal Antennae - 'Microbial Ecologies' issue #59

Front cover: Daria Fedorova, 'Portraying', extremely flat nutrient on thin paper, scaled area, air seeding, 2021 © DashaPlesen/The Blueprint Russia copyrights
‘Microbial Ecologies’ presents a timely range of multidisciplinary practices, approaches, methodologies, and conceptions to help us see and value the microbial worlds that until recently have remained invisible. It is co-edited with Ken Rinaldo—an artist internationally recognized for interactive art installations developing hybrid ecologies with animals, algorithms, plants, and bacterial cultures. It is only by recognizing and engaging with microbial agencies that fuller networks of interconnectedness will enable us to tell the stories we truly need for our time and for the future.
Featuring contributions by:
Heather Barnett | Samuel Bianchini | Marie-Pier Boucher | Kaitlin Bryson | Roberta Buiani | Marcos Cruz | Jose Carlos Espinel
Chris Dymond | Daria Fedorova | Gene Felice | Leslie Garcia | Ian Gibbins | David Harris | Juniper Harrower | Nigel Helyer | César E. Giraldo Herrera | Martin Howse | Luis Guzmán | Alice Jarry | Brice Ammar-Khodja | Emmanuel Lefrant | Paloma Lopez | Mick Lorusso
| Mycelium Network Society | Vanessa Mardirossian | Joel Ong Brenda Parker | Jennifer Parker | Anna Pomyalova | Anastasiia Raina | Jennifer Reeves | Ken Rinaldo | Axel Cuevas Santamaría
Ram Shergill | Jason C. Slot | Saša Spačal | Charissa N. Terranova
Elaine Whittaker | lee wilkins | Jennifer Willet

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality