Re-Situating: A Workshop on Air Filtration at RARE Charitable Research Reserve

May 7 2023

Alice Jarry, Brice Ammar-Khodja, Matt Halpenny, Jacqueline Beaumont, and Jean-Michael Celerier host workshop on air filtration within the context of the Re-Situating event (organized by Slolab and Art-Sci Salon).  The workshop takes place during a field trip to the RARE Charitable Research Reserve and introduces  participants  to various air filtration devices and techniques to monitor air quality.

On May 7th

The rare Charitable Research Reserve is an urban land trust and environmental institute in Waterloo Region/Wellington, protecting over 1,200 acres of highly sensitive lands.

This event follows and concludes several interdisciplinary dialogues on ethics of care, ecology, symbiosis, and human-plant relations. We weave together embodied discovery and sensory experience ; listening and thinking about the ethical and material implications of recognizing non-human individuals as valuable ; as well as different disciplines, epistemologies, positionalities. Our goal is to acquire better awareness of the ecological community to which we belong, with the intention of rethinking and resituating the human within a diverse, complex, and multifaceted ecosystem of other-than-human lifeforms. 
The day will begin with a panel between artists and scientists investigating the social,economic, and natural complexities affecting both human and plant-life. The afternoon events willinclude a 30-minute walk through the wetlands at rare (wetland as carbon sinks), a Master Class led byDr. Alice Jarry (the design of plant-based air filtration), and a rare led walk following the ecologicallichen monitoring program.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality