Sur_Exposition: Dissemination or Creation?

June 10,  2021

Alice Jarry and Gisèle Trudel (Concordia University and UQAM) present Le partage du surplus: conversation croisée autour de l’événement Sympoïétiques – Le partage de l’agir et de l’autonomie (2020).
The MIMESIS Laboratory (École NAD-UQAC) and Hexagram present 3 lunch-meetings to bring together creators, researchers, experts and students, who will present their work and initiatives on modalities of artistic creation, dissemination, and mediation through the new virtual and immersive spaces.

Faced with the physical social distancing imposed throughout this past year, creators had to devise – often to improvise – new work processes and dissemination strategies. The (im)material conditions of production and exhibition, as well as the urgency to acquire new skills suddenly accelerated learning curves, prompted distributed collaborations, and instigated new modalities of presentation. Although digital creation is well-anchored in the landscape of Montreal’s art, cultural and creative industries, the framework of these creations is once again being probed.
During this lunch-meeting, we will examine the new “out-of-frame” objects that emerged in the 2020-20XX context: creative works that no longer correspond to a specific genre or discipline, space,  type of institution or designated audience. We will discuss digital, virtual and online interpretations of pre-existing projects, new ways for experiencing digital creations, case-studies of access and interactions enhanced by new technologies, and other forms of aesthetic experimentation.

These open sessions invite organizations, communities of practitioners and researchers to share recent projects or work in progress, and to exchange know-how and new best practices, in particular approaches developed by means of digital technologies to create and exhibit works and artistic experiences in the context that we are currently traversing.

This event is open to the public on the Hexagram Youtube channel.

Individuals Involved :

Jules Deslandes
Émilie Morin
Laurita Ricardo de Salles
Aquiles Medeiros Filgueira Burlamaqui
Hugo Alexandre Dantas
Gisèle Trudel
Alice Jarry
Stephanie Bertrand

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality