TeZ’s artist talk - A SOLARPUNK Lab: eco-anarchism and micro-power to the people & Pico Power and Energy Transition Residency demo and discussion

April 18, 2024

Join us Thursday, April 18th, between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, at the Milieux Speculative Life Cluster for TeZ’s artist talk - SOLARPUNK Lab: eco-anarchism and micro-power to the people - and the Pico Power and Energy Transition residency demo & discussion.

From April 3rd until April 19th, transdisciplinary artist and independent researcher TeZ will work with Milieux Biolab researchers and students on the next phase of the Pico Power and Energy Transition project (with Alice Jarry, Bart Simon, Mike Cassidy, Audrey Coulombe, Sarah Al Mamoun, and Matt Halpenny). They will develop biomaterials, composites, and technologies for alternative energy futures, such as biophotovoltaic cells, crystal or graphene batteries, and conductive bioplastics.  

The talk will first introduce TeZ’s personal perspective on the Solarpunk movement, particularly examined under the lens of creative DIY practices that he initiated in 2021 with his SOLAR PUNK Lab project. The presentation will conclude with a demo and group discussion around the experiments conducted as part of his residency at the BioLab. SOLARPUNK Lab is a project aimed at promoting the practical side of Solarpunk philosophy, exploring and experimenting with methods that enable citizens to social and sustainable resistance, against an ever growing sense of dystopian impotence, agonizing capitalism and ecological catastrophe. The series of events organised with and by SOLARPUNK Lab, are aimed at promoting “fluid” DIY strategies and at educating, informing and enabling the general public to simple, affordable and practical actions that put together renewable energy sources (solar, eolic, geothermal), physical computing, digital fabrication, eco-passive and morpho-eco-logical architecture, natural and artificial photosynthesis, bacterial fermentation, mycelium culturing and other interdisciplinary practices to re-invent the present and re-design the future.


About TeZ

TeZ (aka Maurizio Martinucci) is an interdisciplinary artist, musician and independent researcher, living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Guest teacher at ArtScience Interfaculty in Den Haag, Minerva Academy in Groningen, Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, TeZ is regularly showing his work and giving lectures at both academic and artistic contexts. His installations and performances have been featured at major venues and festivals worldwide including Ars Electronica Linz, BIAN Montreal, Gropius Bau Berlin, Chronus Art Center Shanghai among many others. He’s been running the ‘Optofonica’ Lab for Synesthetic ArtScience in Amsterdam since 2006.

TeZ explores the boundaries between human perception and all physical phenomena associated to vibrations. He crafts custom generative software and instruments for sound and light propagation, as well as specific architectural structures where subtle oscillations can reach the body and stimulate meditative and immersive experiences. TeZ is also active member of HACKTERIA International Society involved in BioArt, Open Hardware and DIY Lab Equipment. His latest work in collaboration with Sofian Audry from Hexagram/Concordia (Montreal) explores the relationship between living microorganisms and Artificial Intelligence systems. With his SOLARPUNK LAB project/platform TeZ is promoting the practical philosophy of Solarpunk to explore and experiment methods that enable citizens to autonomy, resistance and resilience. TeZ’s holistic paradigm aims at encompassing many of the disciplines related to art and science, together with technology, ecology and mindfulness.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality