A person with a big smile gazing directly forward. They have short wavy brown hair with a beard and mustache. They are wearing a dark blue collared long sleeve shirt. Behind them is a terra cotta wall.
Thomas Heinrich holds a bachelor’s degree in Design from Concordia. He is a designer-researcher whose work focuses on the development of critical, ecological and social thinking in the design of the built environment and the production of objects. Working in a context of climate crisis and growing social inequality, he specializes in socio-ecological architecture, biomaterials, material reuse at varying scales, participatory design, the financialization of land and citizen autonomy. He has directed the biomaterials project De Souche at the Speculative Life Biolab of the Milieux Institute at Concordia University, currently co-leads the art and research collective Shock Value, and works on the research project Déconstruction du pont Champlain : co-création de propositions de récupération des matériaux et engagement citoyen with Dr. Alice Jarry. He is the recipient of the Lydia Sharman Award and the Sustainability Research Award at Concordia.

Shock Value Collective

De Souche Project

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality