"Through Flow / Llif Trwy" at ImprovFest Online Film Festival

August 27th, 2022

Mdes Tricia Enns was a selected participant in a collaborative project between three Canadian and three Welsh artists. The project produced three films exploring the theme "Reframing the Past >> Emerging Futures". The artists received funding from Elysium Gallery (Wales, UK) and the films played at the Online ImprovFest Film Festival.
On August 27th 2022

Elysium gallery in partnership with the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI) commissioned 6 artists (Penny Hallas, Tricia Enns, Euros Rowlands, Jessica Lerner, Andrew Maize, Megan Arnold) from Canada and Wales to work together, developing cross-Atlantic strategies to create critical and experimental new work online.  Through a series of monthly online artist discussions, we created a innovative platform for their creative collaborations that evolved into developing these short experimental films that eventually formed part of Elysium’s contribution to IICSI’s IF Improvisation Festival in 2022.

History is a constantly shifting entity, requiring constant discussion and reappraisal to reflect our evolving attitudes and better frame our current circumstances. This experimental project purposely paired artists with polar-opposite approaches to their art practices to provoke creative and aesthetic negotiations that explore cross-Atlantic relationships to history, power, and people.
This pilot project aims to strengthen artists voices, inspire, and influence national and international collaboration, and produce a forum through which to discuss and confront our nations intertwined, difficult histories, and to forge better futures.

These films are not polished finished articles by any means, but more like fragments of ideas and experiments which were presented as part of the SSHRC ImprovFest Film Festival on August 27 2022.
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