Person with long brown hair tied up in a bun with bangs. They are smiling and looking directly forward with large brownish red glasses. They are wearing a yellow turtleneck with a stripped shirt on top and a wooden beaded necklace.
Tricia Enns works within the realm of urban space and design. Currently her research-creation graduate work, Narrative Debris, combines walking, papermaking, debris and mapping to explore hidden, or overlooked, socio-historical-material narratives of the Quartier des Spectacles neighbourhood in Montreal. Her approach often combines playful, tactile elements that encourage individuals to engage with and participate in the work. In a past life Tricia was a systems design engineer, developing technical skills she now applies to her art practice through embedded microcontrollers in fragile-temporal handmade paper. Her work is constantly evolving, through the use of illustration, material reuse, and performance, but consistently highlights the importance of interactions between people, place and materials within urban spaces.

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