Urban Transformation through Socio-Environmental Engagement During the 88th Acfas Conference (Colloquium – Integration of Non-Financials Benefits in Major Projects)

May 3,  2021

Alice Jarry and Thomas Heinrich present how the use of art and design provide a method of sustainably rethinking links between infrastructure and communities.
Poster of the event
Large infrastructure projects are complex urban challenges that impact the well-being of local communities and ecosystems. The pollution and physical and psychological health challenges resulting from temporarily unstructured environments are two examples of such impacts. At the same time, well-being arises as a multifactorial concept linked to the health and the quality of the natural and built environment.
It is necessary to reflect on the environmental and societal values that large infrastructure projects can generate. Presented at the  Integration of Non-Financials Benefits in Major Projects’ Colloquium during the 88th Acfas Conference, this presentation draws on approaches in art, design, architecture and urban practices and examines the key role that these fields can play in order to rethink urban transformation through a lens of sustainability and inclusion.


Audrey Atwood
Mario Bourgault
Marie-Andrée Caron
Nathalie Drouin
Stephanie Eveno
Thomas Heinrich
Lavagnon Ika
Alice Jarry
Alexandra Prohet

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality