Welcome Home: Paper Making with Materials of Home

August 15,  2021

Tricia Enns leads public participants in paper making workshops with materials from the city as part of a larger series of workshops questioning what “home” is in relation to rent, the housing crisis, and “ownership”.
Person in the process of making paper. They are holding a screen above a wet sheet of paper they just pulled which they are about to flip.
Welcome Home is a free, all ages participatory art making event and transformative exhibition curated by PedalBox Gallery, a mobile art space. The team asks: What does home look like to you? How does home make you feel? The event is composed of several free flow workshops that allow participants to build imaged cities, 

and reflect on their own home. Tricia Enns leads participants of all ages in creating handmade paper that reflects the immediate surroundings, and in creating wall paper using potato stamps. These paper based creations challenge the participant to consider where “home” begins and ends. Together in the workshop we will find new methods of engaging with seemingly familiar materials in our homes.
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Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality