Jacqueline Beaumont Awarded a SSHRC Graduate Scholarship

April 2023

Description : Incoming INDI Masters student J-jacqueline Beaumont is awarded a SSHRC Scholarship for the research-creation project ‘’Growing Affection’’.

jacqueline Beaumont’s research project “Growing Affinity” aims to explore the intersection of transgender health, fetishization, and material culture through the lens of trans-corpomateriality and feminist science studies. Through interviews, ethnographic narratives, and artistic experimentation, this research-creation will investigate how material culture can be used to tangibly translate embodied transfeminine experiences into critical spaces of expression, providing vital spaces for questioning relationships between lived experiences of violence and critical bio materiality. 
The research will draw from theories in queer media studies, transfeminist studies, and critical material practices, exploring how media narratives shape our understanding of gender identity and violence, how physical properties of bodies influence gender norms, and how biotechnology can be used to abstract perceptions of nature and sex.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality