jacqueline Beaumont in Residency/Internship at World Creation Studio

August 2022 - June 2023

Working as an artist in residency at the World Creation Studio's uLab, jacqueline Beaumont explored the intersection between dance, micro-climates and data.

During her Nouvelle Garde artistic internship at World Creation Studio, jacqueline Beaumont was able to develop her digital fabrication skills and teaching practices through their accessible studio space and programming for youth and emerging artists. The studio prioritizes a welcoming, safe, and inclusive community, fostering collaboration and encouraging technological and artistic research. With the skills gained during her internship, Jacquie was able to begin the development of her upcoming solo exhibition "Wet Dreams" in 2024. World Creation Studio offers creative resources and a multidisciplinary community and welcomes those interested in getting involved.
Additionally, the Nouvelle Garde - CAM (CJE + RBC) program provides a unique opportunity to combine a professional internship with an artistic residency, empowering the next generation of cultural workers by providing paid internships that help them maintain sustainable employment and enhance their digital technology and information processing skills in the workplace.

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Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality