Alice Jarry Presents the Chair at Mois Multi 2022

February 9th,  2022

Within the context of the Mois Multi 2022, Alice Jarry presented the activities of the Concordia University Research Chair in Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality. 
Two cylinders made of bio materials. The cylinder in the foreground lies on its side with abaca filter coming out of it. The cylinder in the background is semi-translucent and stands upright.
This conference will address different projects of the new Concordia University Research Chair in Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality and its affiliated laboratory, the Speculative Life Biolab of the Milieux Institute (dir. Dr. Alice Jarry). Through research-creation that combines with material and environmental science practices, the Chair draws on the potential of residual, bio-inspired and bio-composed materials to examine the socio-environmental, aesthetic and political issues related to material and cultural production.

In a context where ecological urgency requires sustainable interactions between technology, humans and ecosystems, this presentation will examine how new critical imaginaries can emerge to address the affective as well as the actual aspects of resilient materialities for the environment and communities. How do artist-researchers and scientists engage with the field to materialize sensory and responsive experiences of these issues? How are artistic objects mobilized to co-create new forms of public experimentation? This presentation will focus on how this art-science-citizen framework seeks to decompartmentalize knowledge and encourage new social uses of research and creation. 

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality