L'état des (mi)lieux - Écologies et pratiques artistiques

February 9th,  2022

Within the context of the Mois Multi 2022, Alice Jarry, Tamar Tembeck, Camille Bernard Gravel and Ariane Plante discuss questions of  ecology and cultural production.
With ecological and environmental questions at the forefront of all disciplines of current artistic practices there is more and more talk of degrowth and slow art. These ideas lead many artists, curators, researchers and organizations to rethink and transform modes of production, distribution and creation. In this context, we are talking more and more about eco-responsible practices, but also socially responsible ones.

In her book Staying with the Trouble (2016), feminist author and theorist Donna Haraway rightly emphasizes the need to cultivate and invent new forms of response, presence, and engagement with the other – human and other-than-human – in order to confront the cynicism that characterizes the so-called Anthropocene epoch. Haraway emphasizes the importance of collaboration and process in bringing forth new points of view, and ways of doing things. In this perspective, what might it mean to make art sustainable from social and ecological points of view?

This day is an opportunity to reflect on the role of the artist in the ecosystem they inhabit and to explore approaches that redefine our relationship with the environment,  community, and technology. The guests will present works that reflect their ecological concerns and that imagine new temporal, aesthetic, processual, sensory and symbolic relationships with the living, ecologies and matter.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality