No pain no gain: Discussion around L(’)aval d’un futur

October 17th,  2021

Alice Jarry discusses with Maude Pilon and Lynn Price as part of L’aval d’un futur. 
L(')aval d'un futur is a research-program, a series of discussions and site specific activations. The project is anchored in the Laval territory to question the overlapping temporalities of contemporary urban development projects as well as their habitability.

For more than a year, a trio of artists have been speculating and infiltrating the construction site of the project to revitalize the Concorde intermodal station sector. On this plot of the future, the virtuality of buildings temporarily coexists with the actuality of an ecosystem emerging from the current ruins.

L(')aval d'un futur brings together acolytes, human and non-human, to occupy and tell the thick present that lies somewhere between the plane and the crust of the habitats of today and tomorrow.

During this day at Futur Parc, the artists and guests made migratory breads while reflecting on the insular character of Laval, the concept of wasteland, the condominiums development and other circumscribed habitats springing from water or asphalt.

Critical Practices in
Materials and Materiality